Running Time: 15 Minutes
ISBN: 9781572270961

Adventures of Monkey King 3: Tang Monk Disciples Monkey King


DVD [Public Performance Rights]
Retold by Debby Chen
Illustrated by Wenhai Ma

Great were the sins of Monkey King as he created havoc in heaven and fair was the punishment pinned on him at the foot of Five-Finger Mountain. In Tang Monk Disciples Monkey King, the third book in the series, our legendary creature ready to embrace a teachable spirit when grace comes his way and gives him a second chance?As part of the redemptive plan, Monkey King is called to escort an important mission to ensure its safety and success. Mingled with fables and beliefs, this episode of Monkey King takes us on an adventurous and action-packed journey to the West. This DVD takes the beautiful water color artworks by Mr. Ma from the original story book and adds animation, music, narration and subtitles.

The dialog is in Mandarin and English. The subtitles are in English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, and Hanyu Pinyin. Region code ALL.

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