Credit: Pao-Hsiang Tsou

Leslie Liu 劉宗慧


Lesley Liu is the master of book illustration in Taiwan, and illustrated many award winning books. Her masterpiece is "The Mouse Bride", the winner of 1992 Catalonia International Illustrator Award. 「神鳥西雷克」 ["The Bird of God"] and 「老鎮百工圖」 ["The Drawing of Hundred Professions In The Old Town"] are the winners of the Gold Dragon Medal by the Children's Literature Association; and 「元元的發財夢」 ["Yuan Yuan's Dream of Fortune"], the winner of the 1998 Taiwan Formosa Illustration Award first prize.
As an award-winning artist and attentive to the minutest detail, Liu claims that her illustrations must all pass the severest of tests—the appraising eye of her nine-year-old son, her first and foremost critic.