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Monkey King: Adventures of Monkey King
Book 3: Tang Monk Disciples Monkey King

Retold by Debby Chen
Illustrated by Wenhai Ma

Tang Monk Disciples Monkey King is the third book in the popular series following this mischievous and magical character. Loved by generations of Chinese children and adults, Monkey King stories are allegorical tales based on the true story of a Chinese Monk, Xuan Zang [602-664] who traveled to India and brought Buddhism to China.
Monkey King is given the opportunity to be freed from 500 years of imprisonment, if he travels to the West with Tang Monk to secure the sacred scriptures of Buddhism. Although his intentions are good, it doesn’t take long for Monkey King’s rebelliousness to surface. Tang Monk tries to teach the Monkey King to temper his wild ways and settle conflicts peacefully. In the end, the former adversaries join Tang Monk and Monkey King to travel on to further adventures.