Credit: Grimm Press

Kuang-Tsai Hao 郝廣才

Author, Editor, Illustrator, Creator

Kuang-Tsai Hao was born in Taipei, Taiwan. He is an award-winning author and editor. Hao believes that "Reading is the best game, illustration is the best toy." He is a publisher at Grimm Press.
Publishers Weekly magazine described Hao as "A new breed of publisher in Taiwan...collaborative efforts between local and overseas authors/illustrators. Such collaborations, as would be expected, have earned Grimm numerous accolades and awards, further elevating its stature in the Asian picture-book scene." "The Giant and Spring" won Biennale Illustrations Bratislava award 1993; "Reminiscences of Beijing" won Bologna International Book Fair award 1994; "The Honest Thief" won Catalónia International prize 1994; "Much Ado About Nothing" won Catalónia International prize 1997; and his illustration of Shakespeare Series won Best Design in Brazil award 1996.