Running Time: 65 Minutes
ISBN: 9781572271081

The Clown Who Ordered Laughter [Vol. 4]


DVD [Home Use Only]
Illustrated by Xingqin Liu
2007 Taiwan Best Digital Content Product

The circus is in town! Smarty will not miss it for anything. But he can’t help but notice that the clown in the circus is happy on the outside yet sad on the inside. Smarty decides to cheer him up with Grand Auntie’s magic box. Sure enough, the clown is now confident in his own performance. So, what is in the magic box?

Dialog in Mandarin and English. Subtitles in English, Traditional & Simplified Chinese. Region code ALL.

Grand Auntie and Smarty Series

The stories take place in Happy Village, a small town in the foothills of mountainous Taiwan. Ten-year-old Smarty moved there to be with his grandmother who everyone affectionately refers to Grand Auntie. Grand Auntie is not your ordinary grandmother. She's masterful in martial arts. But it is her old-fashioned wisdom and jovial personality that win her the respect from all. Along with his new found friends, carefree Sam and tenderhearted Jenny, Smarty grows to be an informed student and responsible citizen. In addition to insightful illustrations of scientific concepts throughout the 50 episodes, the audience will also get a large dose of lessons in the history and geography of Taiwan and their cultural significance today.

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